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About Us

We love good coffee. And we know you love too. Our scope is simple : Help people make their own great coffee.
Our philosophy focuses on not in the price but the machine quality. Perfection in coffee roasting needs two things: your passion and well-designed machine. The extensive range of Oriks products give you the ability to control all process from green beans to a cup of coffee. Innovative Oriks technology creates a pure beauty of machinery which results a good taste coffee.

Behind Great Coffee

Every single coffee bean deserves to be roasted great. We respect the nature of coffee. So that our machines designed to focus on bringing out your coffee beans' soul with their smell and taste. Every piece of our machines, from material to mechanism, selected carefully to protect the purity of coffee beans.

Delivery In Time

After your order, product you ordered will be manufactured and shipped due to deliver in time we promise, according to your country.

High Quality Product

Our high quality products are proudly designed and manufactured by our talented and experienced engineers. Their expertise comes from research and improvement for years on machine design industry and coffee. Our machines created by observing all process while roasting in details, caring each coffee bean. We are mad. We really want you to roast perfect coffee, in safe, with a perfect taste, of course with a nice visual effect.

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